Olive by Night

Olive by Night is a culinary experience. Passion, love and flair can be tasted in every single dish that our Chef Roberto creates. His homeland ” Tuscany” is reflected on the menu, dishes such as “Ravioli maremmani”, homemade tagliatelle with rabbit ragu`, wild boar with polenta are unbeatable and incredibly delicious.

We are open for dinner Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm to 10 pm.

We take reservation for a maximum of 6 people. For more we can arrange a set menu. We recommend to book , please contact us on 020 7384 2155 or at info@olivecatering.com.


By Night


“Burrata” soft fresh cheese from Campania served with a light salad of  yellow and green courgettes, asparagus and fresh basil  10.50

Tempura courgette flowers filled with  ricotta cheese served with grilled zucchini and fresh herbs 13.50

“Gnocco fritto” tasty and soft pieces of a traditional type of bread from Modena gently fried, served with “Capocollo” spiced and peppery cured meat 10.50

Fresh grilled tiger prawns served with spicy homemade guacamole, homemade prawns oil and  salad 16.50

Focaccia di Recco”, the Ligurian soft focaccia filled with crescenzacheese, served with grilled courgettes and aubergine  9.95


“Ravioli maremmano” homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli served with butter, sage and parmesan 13.95

Homemade fusilli with “Ragu`Genovese”- slow cooked braised beef 14.50

Homemade fresh pappardelle with wild boar ragu`   16.95 

“Tagliatelle al sugo di funghi” our homemade fresh tagliatelle with ceps  mushrooms sauce 15.95

Scottish grilled rib eye steak aged 21 days served with thyme and rosemary roast potatoes and mixed  salad 22.00

“Chicken rolle`” chicken breast with pesto, aubergine, pecorino cheese, rolled and cooked with fresh herbs served with roast potatoes and chard 16.95

“Cinghiale alla Maremmana”- Traditional Tuscan wild boar stew served with fried polenta   18.95

Grilled and roast rump of lamb served with aubergines caviar,thin crispy potatoes caviar  and lamb jus 18.95

Oven roast cod fillet served with savoyard potaotes, pan fried swiss chard and salsa verde  18.95