Olive by Night

OLIVE By Night
“Gnocco fritto” tasty and soft pieces of a traditional type of bread from Modena, gently fried, served with “Capocollo”  cured meat  10.95
“Panzanella” Tuscan salad made with fresh tomatoes,cucumber, red onions, fresh basil and croutons 9.95

“Focaccia al formaggio e salsiccia” The Ligurian soft focaccia filled with crescenza cheese and Tuscan sausages served with salsa al crudo 11.95

 Beef carpaccio served on a bed of pea shoot salad, parmesan shavings, crunchy focaccia bites and pistacchio dust sprinkle  12.95
 Moscardini affogati” stewed baby octopus ,slow cooked in red wine fresh herbs and lemon zest served with toasted focaccia   13.95

“Gamberi rossi grigliati” Grilled red prawns served with broccoli cous cous  16.50

“Ravioli maremmani” homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli gently pan fried  with butter, sage and parmesan  14.50
 “Fusilli  al ragu` Pitiglianese” fresh homemade  fusilli  with slow cooked lean pork mince, herbs and lemon zest 15.00
 “Pappardelle al Cinghiale” Homemade fresh pappardelle with wild boar 18.00

“Tagliatelle al ragu` di coniglio” fresh homemade tagliatelle with rabbit ragu`  18.00

“Tagliolini verdi con vongole” Homemade fresh spinach tagliolini with clams 18.00
Oven roast cod served with Black venus rice and salsa verde 20.00

  Grilled and roast rump of lamb served with roast peppers, spinach and thin crunchy potatoes 21.00

 Scottish grilled ribeye steak aged 21 days served with thyme and rosemary roast potatoes and mixed salad  26.00
 “Cinghiale  alla Maremmana”- traditional  Tuscan Wild boar stew  served with oven baked  polenta   21.00