About Olive

Olive is an Italian restaurant and catering company based in Munster Road, Fulham, London.

We love food and we like to share our passion with all the guests that dine at Olive or customers that wish to have a catering experience.

Please ask our advice. We like to help.

What our customers say


“Hidden gem – we went for dinner and just weren`t prepared for how incredible it would be. Delicious pastas, perfect focaccia, amazing tiramisu. Just great, we will be back regularly now”


“It was really nice to meet you all! I absolutely love meeting and knowing the
people in my neighbourhood who have businesses.
I love
meeting the people behind the places. And
you were all so friendly and
wonderful and I thank you for that customer service. It’s so so refreshing to
experience that!”


“The food was really exceptional. All the flavours were really sharp and lingered on my tongue for a while, just slowly absorbing. umm umm! The presentation, the colours were great and the taste exquisite and the texture divine! : )”